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WheelRight Alloy Wheel Refurbishment About Us

Here at WheelRight we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and in the quality of our service.

All our technicians have been fully trained in alloy wheel refurbishment and hold StreetSmart UK alloy wheel repair certificates and we all enjoy the work we do.

Our goal is simple, we aim to provide a flexible, convenient and professional alloy wheel repair & refurbishment service.

We understand and appreciate how much people care for their cars and the importance of keeping their wheels in good condition, we also appreciate everyone wants their wheels back quickly and done cheaply but do not get fooled by aerosol, other low budget or quick turn around wheel repairs, those types of paints & procedures can be inadequate for alloy wheel application and will not last. Unlike many others we never 'shoe horn' jobs out the door, we do not make false promises, we only use quality paints and sealants to ensure a strong finish and we never compromise quality or cut corners because its important to us that our customers are happy with our service not only today but tomorrow too. ​

We are also proud of our armed forces and to show our appreciation we offer a genuine 5% discount on Alloy Wheel Refurbishments to our serving and ex serving armed forces personnel and to our countries serving emergency services personnel (Police, Fire Brigade, NHS, Ambulance Crew etc). This discount however does not apply to the sale of tyre's as discounts are already applied to tyre prices for all our customers  (proof of service required at time of booking).

Hi, I'm Davey and I am the owner of WheelRight Alloy Wheel Refurbishment and I would like to share a little about myself and my business.

Upon leaving school I decided to follow my childhood ambition and embarked on a military career with the Armed Forces, serving with The 2nd Battalion of The Light Infantry as an Infantry Soldier, the training and experiences gained while serving was the foundation of the disciplined and respectful attitude I believe I possess today.

On leaving the armed forces in 1992 to begin a family with my wife Nicola, I was employed by Nissan motor manufacturing in Sunderland, working as part of the production teams in both trim & chassis and the body shop areas. There I learned many new skills and I was intrigued by Nissan's production values of first time quality and their strive for excellence and quest for customer satisfaction; which I believe to be honest and traditional values, however, I also believe values such as this appear to be disappearing in today's consumer world, with the demand for greater profit while remaining competitive in price has forced vendors to choose quantity over quality which can leave consumers feeling frustrated and cheated when they receive poor products and services.

This became even more apparent to me when, as a car enthusiast I took my own modern classic car to have some restoration work carried out, after been promised a quality service at a competitive price only to be disappointed with the workmanship and dissatisfied with the lack of customer service received during and after the work was carried out.

I now believe the best person to do work for anyone is a person who has a passion for the job in hand, someone who enjoys doing what they are doing and not someone who is simply doing it to make as much money as he can until something better comes along.

After 22 yrs experience working with Nissan I decided it was time to start my own business and put into practice the virtues of good customer relations that I profess to admire. Alloy wheel refurbishment is on the increase, car manufacturers are fitting alloy wheels as standard to enhance the cosmetic appearance of the car in order to attract sales, however the alloy wheel material is not as robust as the traditional steel wheel and once scuffed or damage the alloy wheel can spoil the overall beauty and appearance of your car (I always compare it to wearing a smart suit with old, worn out or dirty shoes).

We are workshop based and offer quality Alloy Wheel repair, refurbishment and colour change services in and around Washington, Tyne & Wear, Sunderland,  Durham & Newcastle areas we also perform brake calliper painting and supply & fit new tyres at competitive prices.

We also operate a collection and delivery service for your car or wheels which many customers find very convenient.